Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Psychiatric Inpatients: A Naturalistic Study


The aim of this naturalistic survey was to measure the prevalence of metabolic syndrome by collating data on routine physical investigation in an acute psychiatric inpatient population. The size of this study is small, but the results offer some interesting and useful preliminary findings, pertinent to the provision of good physical health care to psychiatric inpatients and from which further research could develop. Metabolic syndrome was found in more than a third (38%) of the population studied and was equally prevalent across a variety of psychiatric disorders. A higher trend was found in females than in males, but this figure did not reach statistical significance. Although small, the naturalistic setting of this survey demonstrates the ease with which metabolic syndrome can be opportunely excluded or identified in this vulnerable population, where physical healthcare is often problematic. With the increasing involvement of non-medically qualified practitioners in psychiatric care, simple techniques such as this hold a valuable place in holistic patient management.

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Robinson J. & Derradji M. & Pandit C. & Batugedara A. & Mahmood T., (2010) “Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Psychiatric Inpatients: A Naturalistic Study”, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice 7(1). doi:






Julie Robinson
Merzaka Derradji

Chhaya Pandit

Anuja Batugedara

Tariq Mahmood





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