Service User Involvement in Training for the
Therapeutic Management of Violence and Aggression


Involving service users in mental health education and training has increased considerably over the last few years, especially in the initial pre-registration training of mental health professionals (social workers, nurses, psychologists). There is a growing understanding of the important contribution that service users can make to developing the mental health practitioners of the future. Involving service users in the education of future mental health practitioners is seen as important in providing students with the opportunity for developing greater awareness and understanding through the unique insights of people’s lived experience of mental health conditions, and of their contact with mental health services. This paper describes the involvement of service user trainers in the development and delivery of a short training course in physical restraint for mental health professionals. It considers the impact of including service users who themselves have experience being restrained in acute mental health settings, from the perspective of course participants, tutors and the service user trainers themselves.

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Obi-Udeaja J. & Crosby K. & Ryan G. & Sukhram D. & Holmshaw J., (2010) “Service User Involvement in Training for the Therapeutic Management of Violence and Aggression”, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice 7(2). doi:








Jane Obi-Udeaja
Kate Crosby

Gary Ryan

Dhannie Sukhram

Janet Holmshaw





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