Positive Engagement with Communities through Taiji: Case Study of a One Day Experiential Workshop


Whilst the physical health benefits of taiji have been reported, there is limited information on the influences of taiji on mental health. This paper reports on a collaborative one day experiential workshop between a university, a local martial arts academy and Mental Health in Higher Education (MHHE). The purpose of the day was to explore the impact of taiji on people’s mental health and well-being. The workshop used a multi method approach to explore the potential benefits of taiji. Participants, who were service users and various professionals, were introduced to the philosophies behind taiji and gained an understanding of the concept of qi. This was followed by participants being guided through a practical taiji session to demonstrate how qi can be activated. The remainder of the day was used to deconstruct poetry and narratives to trigger discussions on the range of benefits of taiji. Those participating acknowledged the social benefits of belonging to a community of taiji practitioners. Two pragmatic issues were also highlighted: cultural background being an important influence regarding the understanding and practice of taiji; and that difficulties in gaining access to reputable and qualified teachers can act as a barrier to integrating taiji within educational programmes.

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Yuen Megson, D., Chen, D. Q. & Chiu, J., (2011) “Positive Engagement with Communities through Taiji: Case Study of a One Day Experiential Workshop”, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice 8(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.5920/mhldrp.2011.8141


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Denise Yuen Megson
De Qing Chen
Jackson Chiu






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